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Mini motor pin Gold or silver
Custom highly detailed mini motor pin. Gold or silver available. Please select which one you ..
Large Biker Monster Skull Ring
Huge Monster Sterling Silver custom hand made  skull ring.   Pick which glass e..
Gold Flame Ring With half Carat Diamond
Custom Flame Ring with .5 carat almost flawless diamond 14k gold 55 points near flawless ..
Large OBC back patch
Large 12" inch Outlaw Biker Custom Back patch sew on patch.       ..
Liars Thieves and Snitches 2x4 Patch
Liars, Thieves & Snitches All Belong In Ditches 2x4 Custom Biker Patch     ..
OBC beanies with patches
OBC beanies with patches. Two sizes, regular and tight fit. Patches are professionally sewn o..
Small OBC patch
Small Outlaw Biker Customs sew-on patch.     Custom handmade gold..
Smooth eagle ring with gold beak
Custom Smooth Eagle Ring with an 18k yellow gold beak. sapphire eye. Silver and gold ..
Stairstep Gold Ring with Diamond
14kt yellow Gold custom made stairstep ring 14kt gold with diamond One of a kind Size..
Wrench ring w/ 14k YG nut
Custom wrench ring for the biker, mechanic, or steampunk enthusiast.   Sterling silv..