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Interested in getting a custom piece of jewelry but don't see anything you like?

Have you had an idea in your head that you've always wanted to see done? 

Are you in the need for a custom designed wedding set?


We can do anything from contemporary wedding sets to crazy fantasy jewelry.

Our work is all hand made using the lost wax method.

Be included in each step from start to finish over e-mail/phone with progress photos and approval stages.


We have access to gems and have many in stock including a wide variety of beautiful hand cut opals.

You can even supply your own gems to be mounted in to your new custom creation.


Need help designing your dream piece? We will gladly do artwork at no cost to help nail down a design. **

Contact us for a quote on a custom creation.



Sterling silver custom one of a kind pen dragon. 14k

yellow gold horns and citrine eyes. 

The dragon sits atop a sterling silver and 14k gold pen. 

Sterling silver custom raven skull pendant.

Internal bones were carved as well and brush finished.


14k yellow gold optimus prime ring with ruby eyes.

Click image for larger view.

Three custom one of a kind 14 k yellow gold gem grade labradorite pendants.

Each piece was designed around the stone rather then trying to find astone to match a design.

Bails are pierced through the tops of each piece.

Sterling silver custom lion pendant with rubies.

Heraldic style lion with a swinging bail. Elegant mans piece

Sterling silver phoenix pendant. Design was based of text in a book.

waxing and waning moon with an  all seeing eye.

Sterling silver custom praying hands pendant

with crucifix and tanzanites.


Sterling silver custom heraldic style lion pendant. Simlar to the first lion

But with an added sword and flames for the mane. Stones are garnets.

14k yellow gold custom ring with diamonds and

rubies. A nice pull from center womens style ring


Sterling silver elegant angel wings ring.

Wings were about an inch and a half tall.


14k yellow gold wedding ring with a half carat diamond

and 16 small diamonds. Another pull from center style womans ring.

Click for larger image

Sterling silver custom one of a kind gothic wedding set.

Womans ring has raven wings for a shank and an omega symbol with a nice garnet in the center.

Mans ring is a skull with monster claws and a 14k yellow gold scroll.



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