About us

 Who is Outlaw Biker Customs ?

We are a small company founded in the great pacific northwest, we are bikers, jewelers and close friends and welcome you to join our crew. We started this company originally to fill a void in the biker community due to the lack of nice " Fine Biker Style Jewelry" and to educate people in the design and making of jewelry using the lost wax method. We have brought together a small group of jewelers with over 58 years of combined experience as master jewelers and also brought in some amazing artists and most of our friends add great input in our designs.

I have come to realize that the retail market has put fear into people on having customs pieces designed and created, we are trying to change this with educating our customers that have interest and involving them with their designs from the start to the finished product.

We do not make money on precious metals and encourage you to trade in and or use your gold, silver and gems in your creations.

Is it expensive to build a custom?

Depends, are you going to a retail store in your area then yes and we recommend you to do just that before you get our quote to really understand what we offer. The quality, heart and craftsmanship we put into our pieces is second to none.

Remember we strive for quality and enjoy what we do and do not have to break your bank to make that happen.

Why use us?

If you are looking for a cheap ring to throw on your hand that is mass produced but looks cool then you probably shouldn't. If you are looking for a one off quality piece that has a story and was made by jewelers that actually live to make jewelry and is their passion the you might want a Outlaw Biker Custom.

Do you buy Scrap?

We do on a case by case basis, We encourage to trade your gold and precious metals in to make something you will actually wear or use. But yes we do buy gold, silver, and precious gems.


The OBC Crew

Dan Wing 38 years Master Jeweler

Randy 20 Years Master Jeweler

Steve Jenkins 12 years Jeweler

Cassie Graphic designer, painter, illustrator just a amazing all around artist

Shane Epperson slave driver, advertiser

All of our amazing friends that help from designing jewelry, setting up shows to running errands and helping spread the word.

Get to know us on facebook   http://www.facebook.com/outlawbikercustoms