Custom Made Jewelry

We are custom wholesale manufactures of fine handmade gold and silver, anything that can be carved in wax can be made into custom one of a kind jewelery.

We make everything from hardcore outlaw biker jewelry to exotic custom made wedding rings. What you see here is just a small percentage of the one of a kind custom jewelry we make daily.

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Hatching Dragon Egg Pendant
Baby dragon breaking out of an egg. Sterling silver Antiqued.   1.5 inches t..
Hawk pendant with ruby eye
Hawk pendant with ruby eye. Sterling Silver   1.25 inches wide.   ..
Horned Skull Ring
Horned custom skull ring. Sterling silver     Custom handmade gold and ..
Large Dragon Fist Ring with Scales
Custom made dragon claw ring with antiqued scales. Sterling Silver $250 Base price is for..
Large Eagle Head Ring with Emerald Eyes
 Large Eagle head ring with a emerald eyes. Sterling Silver     &n..
Large Raven Ring
Raven ring with black diamond eyes. Sterling Silver     Custom handmade..
Large razor blade pendant
Large custom solid sterling silver razor blade pendant.* 1 3/4 inches tall excluding bai..
Large Spider Fangs Ring
Spider Fang Ring with comfort fit shank. Antiqued spider webs on shank. Sterling Silver ..
OBC Flame Guitar Pic Holder Pendant
OBC Flame Guitar Pic Pendant Sterling Silver *Note does not come with a pic   ..
OBC tombstone pendant
Tombstone Pendant. Sterling Silver 3/4th inches tall.     Custom ha..
One of a kind custom lion pendant
Big badass rockstar biker pendant. Stylized lion with ruby eyes. One of a kind custom creatio..
One of a kind falcon skull pendant
Falcon skull pendant. Sterling silver Even has the internal bones on the inside of the sk..
One of a kind snare drum pendant
Custom snare drum pendant with fossilized walrus tusk ivory. Gems are CZ. Sterling silver ..
Outlaw Biker Curved Blade Ring
Sterling silver scalloped edge blade weapon ring. European shank. Ring rests top of the ..
Outlaw Hog-Pig-Boar Biker Bell w/ ruby eyes
Custom gnarly hog-Pig-Boar biker bell.   Sterling silver with gen ruby eyes &nbs..
Paw print Pendant
Paw print pendant Sterling silver Antiqued.   1 inch tall   Cus..
Phantom mask pendant
 Phantom of the opera mask pendant. Sterling silver 1 inch wide.   Cust..
Plumeria Pendant with amethyst
Plumeria pendant with amethyst. 3/4ths of an inch Sterling Silver     ..
Puzzle piece pendant
Puzzle piece pendant. Sterling silver   3/4th inch tall.   Custom h..
Rounded Dragon Claw Ring
Single rounded dragon claw ring Sterling Silver       Custom h..